SW0210 JST SM Connector Male to Female Cable

Product model: SW0210

Products Specs:
  • *Material can be customized; *Terminals cab be customized; *Housing can be customzied; *Cable can be customzied.
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JST Connector cable

-Connector:  JST SHI1.0/SHR1.0,JST1.0 Double Row wafer,JST GHR1.25,JST EH2.5,JST SM2.5,JST SCN2.5,JST VH3.96
JST SDN3.96,JST EL4.50,JST BH4.0,JST PH2.0,JST 0.8mm,JST SUR 0.8 IDC,JST XH2.5 etc. Original or replacement.
-Pitch:  0.8mm/1.00mm/1.25mm/2.0mm/2.5mm/3.96mm/4.0mm/4.5mm
-Circuits/PIN No.:  2~12,2~15,2~16,2~20,2~4,2*10,212,2*15,2*20,2*25,2*3,3*3
-Rated Current&Voltage:  0.5A/30V,1A/50V,1A/600V,2A/100V,3A/250V,7A/250V,10A/300V
-Wire AWG&Max.OD:  28~32AWG(0.8mm),22~28AWG(1.6mm/1.7mm),24~28AWG(1.1mm/1.6mm),18~22AWG(2.8mm),20~26AWG(2.7mm),32AWG(0.6mm)
-Cable Type:  Wire to Board/Board in/Wire to Wire
-Operating Temperature:  -25℃~85℃
-Customzied terminals,housing and cable are welcomed



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